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Be Safe & Legal to Tow. Book one of U Drives trailer and towing courses.

We have Fully qualified Grade A ADI and Fleet trainers who can provide professional  and accredited training  and issue you with a DVSA & NTTA Accredited Certificate for your training.

This certificate may also give you cheaper insurance when towing for leisure purposes, and is a must for any business to comply with the (Health & Safety Law of 1974) to ensure the safety of their employees while at work. 

As a business and employer, employing someone that tows for your business and has no Towing experience is illegal.

Both employer and employee can be held liable for their actions in the event of an injury or death to someone while at work, and may result in a heavy fine or even imprisonment.     

Please see our Trailer and Towing Courses Page for more information.


New Rules for Towing a Trailer

The legislation has now been passed and the changes have been brought into force from16th December 2021.

What this means for car drivers towing a trailer

Drivers who passed their car driving test from 1 January 1997 will be allowed to tow trailers up to 3,500kg maximum authorised mass (MAM) without passing an additional car and trailer test.

DVSA stopped doing car and trailer tests from 20 September.

You can find out more information about the new rules for towing a trailer or caravan with a car on GOV.UK

Changes to driving licences

DVLA will update affected driving licence records to reflect the changes.

The car and trailer category (B+E) will be added to the driving licence when a new photocard driving licence is issued.


The UK government is encouraging any motorist who wants to drive a car and trailer to get professional training to make sure they have the right skills and knowledge to tow safely.

Getting professional training is important for those who tow for work or leisure purposes.

It’s also important for trainers to have their training programmes recognised and accredited in line with DVSA’s national standards Element 2.3.1

Fully qualified ADI’s and Fleet trainers can give training with an accreditation certificate.This certification will show that you have had training and have shown the skills to be able to tow safely and will satisfy the Health & Safety Law of 1974 for employers duty of care at work law.It may also help those who tow for leisure purposes to get the correct insurance for towing, knowing they are legal and that they can tow safely.   

The scheme will be open to drivers who want to use their car / pickup or van to tow:

  • a horse box
  • a caravan
  • a boat / jet ski
  • a mobile snack / burger van
  • a canoe
  • a motor bike or car trailer
  • farm, industrial or construction plant
  • for waste disposal and gardening services

DVSA will set the standards for the new training scheme and will be part of any future changes and will support the accrediting body who would be responsible for the quality of the scheme.

U Drive are able to continue with trailer training as we have fully qualified DVSA approved Grade A  ADI's who can give you a competency certificate for your training and will also follow the National Standards as set by the DVSA Element 2.3.1.  



 Covid-19 Checks Before Commencement of your  Driving Lesson/ Trailer Course /Test 

• Have you had any symptoms of the virus within the last 7 days or have you been in contact with someone who has within the last 14 days?

• Do you know anyone or have you been in contact with anyone that is showing symptoms or has

had any symptoms within the last 14 days?

• Before your Driving lesson have you washed your hands for at least 20 seconds, in line with Government guidance? THAT IS immediately before you’re leaving the house for your lesson. We would strongly advise you Wear Disposable Gloves, please put them on just before getting into the car. Refrain from touching your face.

• Please wear suitable clothing, providing as much covering as is reasonable. Short sleeves are now acceptable.

  • Please wear a Reusable or Disposable Face Mask making sure it covers your nose and mouth.
  • When your Trainer arrives please go and meet them at the Training Vehicle .Do not get into the Training Vehicle until your Trainer goes through the Covid19 Health check with you.  Stay Outside

Check List of Items that you must bring with you before your Lesson/Course/Test


  1. Reusable or Disposable Face Mask
  2. Wash your Hands for at least 20 Seconds immediately before your Lesson
  3. Driving Licence
  4. Pen and Sheet of Paper if it’s your Test Day
  5. Small Bottle of Hand Sanitizer 



Some of the areas  we cover are --







Wishaw and many more!

We also do Trailer Training and cover Glasgow and Livingston , Edinbugh, Central Scotland eg Stirling, Cumbernauld , Falkirk , Dunblane ,Oban, Fort William , Inverness, Ayr, Kilmarnock,  

U Drive School of Motoring has been established for more than twenty four years and has taught thousands of people to drive safely on todays busy roads. The school has a very high pass rate, so if you want to throw away those L Plates give us a call now.

 Our prices are very competitive.



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Gift /card & Vouchers

The Perfect Gifts for Someone Special

1. U Drive Gift Cards can be purchased for lessons from 5hrs up to 20hrs.

2. An Intensive Driving Course Gift Card.

3. Our Advanced Driving Course Gift Card would make the ideal gift for someone special.   

4. A Gift Card of a Pass Plus course for those who have recently past the driving test.

Purchase any of these items by Debit or Credit card by calling us on 01698 356293



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